2017 Volvo Sterndrive Gasoline V6-240-C

Sterndrive Gasoline V6-240-C

Aquamatic Sterndrive Gasoline Power Range

Volvo Penta, the undisputed leader in marine innovation, sets the new standard in gas engine technology. Our next generation engines offer unparalleled fuel economy and performance, while far exceeding the toughest emissions standards on the planet.

These premium gas engines offer superior power-to-weight ratios for increased torque and acceleration at every throttle setting. Each features a state-of-the-art freshwater cooling system to eliminate internal saltwater exposure and direct injection provides more power with less displacement.

One look and it's clear, these next generation engines are a first of their kind in the marine industry.

Robust low-end torque. Exhilarating high-end power. Exceptional mid-range response. You'll find it all in the latest Volvo Penta gas engines.


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Engine Specifications
  • Crankshaft (kW/hp) : 179 / 240
  • Max RPM : 5800
  • Number of Cylinders : V6
  • Displacement (litres/cui) : 4.3 / 262