Indoor/Outdoor Storage

Outdoo Storage

We are located about less than a half a mile away from the Free Ramp and about a quarter mile away from the I-95 North and South Exits of Academy Rd. and Linden Ave. Take a look at our storage fees and if you want you are more than welcome to give us feedback on it:




 Indoor Storage

 Winter 2016 Storage Special

Boat / RV Storage-November 1st- April 30th

  • Outdoor Storage (On Trailer) - $21.00/Ft. Minimum $450 
  • Outdoor Storage (Blocked) - $30.00/Ft.  (Includes Haul-out, Bottom Wash, and Blocking)
  • Indoor Storage(On Trailer) - $36.00/Ft. (Includes Bottom Wash) Minimum $750
  • Indoor Storage(Blocked) - $48.00/ft (Includes Haul-out, Bottom Wash, and Blocking)
  • Pick-up & Delivery Service is Available up to 35ft.(local only)
  • Surveillance - 24/7 Access w/ Gate Card-Secured Yard October Free!!! ( Must be paid in full by October 15, 2016.) 

Thank you to all of our existing and future customers who know that we take pride in making sure that we provide the best storage quality and service available